One Motor Any Conveyor Width
One Motor – Any Conveyor Width

One UniDrive® motor offers a virtually endless number of conveyor width configurations. Conveyors from 5”-50” inches wide can use the same UniDrive® motor design. You can’t do that with an MDR. You can manage less and save more. Now that’s Simplicity in MotionTM.

Safe Operation 24 Volt DC powered
Safe Operation & 24 Volt DC powered

Safety is key. We designed UniDrive® to operate on low-voltage 24VDC, to protect your hard-working employees. This helps reduce the risks associated with electrical shock and mechanical injury. Let’s work safer, together.

Quiet Operation
Quiet Operation

UniDrive® features a gearless, brushless DC motor that has only one moving part. New UniDrive® users are often quite surprised how much quieter UniDrive® is compared to traditional motor driven rollers (MDRs). Our key initiative for positive environment.

Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient

UniDrive® helps pay for itself by offering better energy savings compared to most AC motors or traditional MDRs. UniDrive® features settable low amperage operation and configurable zone stop when empty or accumulated, reducing energy waste and providing superior efficiency. Now, that’s a good investment!

Most Affordable TCO
Most Affordable TCO
Low Total Cost of Ownership

UniDrive® owners understand the real value of buying the hyper-long life motors. Why would anyone buy an MDR that needs replacement every few years when you can select one with a useful life measured in decades? Don’t you have better things to do with your time than replacing MDRs?

Maintenance Free Motor means
Maintenance Free
Motor means..

Zero maintenance. None. Ever. No gears to wear out. No oil to change. With a design life of over ten times that of a typical MDR, your UniDrive® motor is literally the last thing you need to worry about. Your UniDrive® can provide peace of mind through its superior design-life of over 250,000 hours*. Less downtime means more profits. (*Based on accepted L10 bearing life calculations)


One Motor.
Any Conveyor System.



Rated Output Wattage Rated Torque in-lb Rated Torque N-m Speed Range (RPM)
25 Watt 8 0.9 70-280
48 Watt 15 1.7 55-280
60 Watt 15 1.7 70-350
80 Watt 15 1.7 90-450
100 Watt 15 1.7 110-560
120 Watt 15 1.7 140-700


Watts Ratio Torque
Speed Range
60 Watt 5:1 40-80 4.5-9.0 70-14
7.5:1 60-120 6.8-13.6 46-9
10:1 80-160 9.0-18.1 35-7
15:1 120-240 13.6-27.1 23-4
20:1 160-300 18.1-33.9 17-3
30:1 200-400 22.6-45.2 11-2
80 Watt 5:1 30-80 3.4-9.0 90-18
7.5:1 40-150 4.5-16.9 60-12
10:1 60-180 6.8-20.3 45-9
100 Watt 5:1 40-110 4.5-12.4 112-22
7.5:1 60-160 6.8-18.1 74-14
10:1 80-200 9.0-22.6 56-11
15:1 110-260 13.6-29.4 37-7
20:1 160-320 18.1-36.1 28-5
UNIDRIVE Powercube
UNIDRIVE Powercube

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